LIPEN Art Galerie

Maissa Toulet Solo Exhibition

TIME :   12/4 ( Fri. ) to 12/25 ( Fri. ) 12:00 - 19:00

Vip Preview :   12/5(Sat.)15:00-18:00

Born in 1974, Paris.

As a teenager influenced by American collage artists Josphe Cornell, Maïssa started to create many forms in the collage art. In her thirties, she began a new form in creation by re-collecting objects, and putting them into glass jars. Those animal specimens, bones and formalin-soaked organs looked scary or even a little sick to ordinary people, but they looked very attractive to her. Her inspiration came from the wonder-rooms (cabinet de curiosités) in the sixteenth century, which stored all kinds of strange and messy treasures. Though messy but unexpectedly harmonious overall, those treasures produced a special, fantastic atmosphere.

In her opinion, the chaos and decadence in life, human fear of birth, aging, illness and death, and anxieties and anger in the daily life—they have been transformed by her into a form of rational, aesthetic existence. For Maïssa, the collections are like a mini-museum or a small altar. The reason why she put the objects in the glass was not to display her collections for she has not logically classified them according to their appearances. Each object has its own meaning that is not interchangeable with the others. Between a simile and metaphor, she tried to entrust a dream, a poem, a ritual or a fable to those fragmentary objects and creative roles.

The small show window Maïssa created is no longer a simple wonder-room. It looks more like a story box. Inside, the objects, clipped and pasted sentences, etc. have bred their own particular combination and arrangement, leading the viewer to interpret their secret signals and in turn to create his opinions towards the works by dint of his own encounters and memories in life.