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PAST > "Ingenious yet splendid" : The creative thinking of contemporary ink color world.

"Ingenious yet splendid” : The creative thinking of contemporary ink color world.

TIME :   3/21(Sat.) to 4/26(Sat.)12:00 - 19:00

Brushwork touches of meticulous depiction in the exquisitely delicate sizes constitute the main show in this exhibition. In the small-viewed windows which have been carefully crafted by the creators, there are boundless imaginations and concentrated combination of thoughts and consciousness. It is focused on the makers’ inner minds with wide differences yet at the same time limited within the scope of “ingenious yet splendid”, expanding delicacy itself to the boundless inner meanings.

"Ingenious yet splendid” corresponds to the historical strokes and norms, but is no longer a negative context exemplified. This is because the young creators of contemporary ink color, as shown in their brush strokes, have merged the ingenious techniques into their own thought, consciousness and display of their works. Furthermore, the splendid delicate arrangements have augmented the description of the humane worlds and the visual meaning provided by the painters in their works.

In particular, in this exhibition, there are thirteen artists deliberately invited to display different visual limitations and attempts by small sized works through their personal creations in the past. They are Li-Zhen Lin Zai, Ling-Lin Qiu, Zhao-Fu Xu, Zhi-Wei Tu, Zhi-Ruo Chen, Guo-Hua Chen, Zhen-Yi Lu, Shi-Han Zeng, Ting-Yu Zeng, Yu-Bin Huang, Shuai-Zheng Lai, Yi-Hong Jian, Huang-Sheng Su. These achievements of the creators means that, when the work is specified in the corresponding small outlet frame, “ingenious" concept has featured how to arrange the content in a method different from the big picture in the imagination, and has promoted personal corresponding individual creative pattern in concentrated form, thus attained a different logic in the world view.

However, such a limited size of work makes possible a different attempt; yet it is limitless in the subject and scope of content. After all, a small and splendid concept as another manifestation of consciousness at the same time corresponds to the historical works as well as overthrows the drawing theory and rules. And it is also toppling many different imaginings under the judgment criteria by the past scholars. The limited norm with boundless content creation surely becomes a positive brand-new possibility of the “ingenious yet splendid” in the creative thinking of contemporary ink color world.