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PAST > Xiao-Mei's story - Chin CHANG Solo Exhibition

Xiao-Mei's story - Chin CHANG Solo Exhibition

TIME :   1/24(Sat.) to 2/14(Sat.)12:00 - 19:00

Chin Chang was born in Taoyuan, Taiwan. Her previous first name, Hsiao Ping, was changed to Chin in 2009.

As a contemporary multidisciplinary artist, Chin Chang has devoted herself full-time to create art since 1997. Her work represents female images in a strong visual style, combined with fashion and oriental elements. She manipulates mix media, various techniques, and complicated process, to accomplish realizing the dual core of her creation, "return" and "play." Chang has been invited for cooperation with numerous international brands, including CHANEL, NOKIA, and SHISEIDO. She is the author of the poetry picture books, "Chance Meeting", "No.2, Lady Lane", "Love, Solo", etc. Chang has shown internationally in solo exhibitions and group exhibitions in Taiwan, London, Beijing, and Shanghai.