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2014 Art Taipei

Artists :   Shiy De-Jinn | GUO zhen-chang | WU tian-zhang
Cola King | Chih-Wei Hsu | CHANG chin | TSAI shih-hung | Candy Bird

Venue :   Taipei World Trade Center, Exhibition Hall one, Booth: C23

TIME :   10/31(Fri.) to 11/2(Sun.)11:00 - 19:00
11/3( Mon.)11:00 - 18:00

Vip Preview :   10/30( Thu. ) 15:00 - 21:00

Art comes from life. The contemporary society establishes an optimum environment for contemporary art and provides the creators, the viewers, the theory investigators, and the common people to exchange experience. For LIPEN, one of the purposes is promoting contemporary art and appreciating the contemporary artists in Taiwan. Nowadays the trend of Taiwan's contemporary art follows international art. In this art fair, LIPEN focuses on the contemporary artists who show the different of art and local culture of Taiwan are Cola King, Chih-Wei Hsu, Chin Chang, Shih-Hung Tsai, Candy Bird, and the middle aged artists, Tian-Zhang Wu and Zhen-Chang Guo. Not only increases identification of the different artists, but also leads people to appreciate art and further realize art to serve people. Furthermore, LIPEN hopes to promote the art education of Taiwan and the process of social civilization.

Chin Chang manipulates mix media, various techniques, and complicated process, to represent female images in a strong visual style. Chang has been invited for cooperation with numerous international brands, including CHANEL, NOKIA, SK-ll, SHISEIDO, WACOAL, MENTHOLATUM, GOLDENLIFE, Q SQUARE, SOGO, BREEZE, ESLITE, and Sandy Lam's Music Video. Her works have high visibility, and she is a very popular contemporary female artist. Also, she has published picture books in various newspapers. Chang has shown internationally in solo exhibitions and group exhibitions in Taiwan, London, Beijing, and Shanghai.

Tsai Shih-Hung received his MFA at the Graduate Institute of Fine Arts, Taipei National University of the Arts. He participated in numerous group exhibitions, including Young Artist Discovery in Art Tainan, New in National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art, Taipei Award in Taipei Museum of Fine Art, Crush on EMU in MOCA Taipei, BOKI in Pingpong Art. Tsai is one of the most popular young artists in Taiwan. For art, he bravely expresses what he wants to say, but he never misses hounded every little detail on the canvas.

Cola King is the most popular artist in LIPEN. In this art fair, LIPEN will show Cola's works and combine with media art.

Candy Bird, he recently received the financial support from the Cloud Gate Dance Foundation, and the National Culture and Arts Foundation and The Government of Taiwan which bolster his creation of mural arts in Myanmar and Brazil. In this art fair, his works will fit with exhibition site and shows in the small-sized objects which use the skill similarities in installation art.

In this art fair, LIPEN can strongly recommend Chih-Wei Hsu, the contemporary artist in Taiwan. His works are characterized by classical oil painting and Japanese subcultures to convey cultural shock and the region of history between Taiwan and Japan. His numerous solo and joint exhibitions, together with the Hantoo Art Group, led him to obtain rare opportunities to have his art exhibited in the Taipei Fine Arts Museum and later to have his works collected by the Fine Arts Museum, and the Ministry of Culture, Government of Taiwan.