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Nest Lady

Solo Exhibition by Hsu Wei-Ying

TIME :   12/7(Sat.) to 12/29(Sun.)12:00 - 19:00

Hsu's work, Nest Lady, presents an oriental painting elements with an impressive multifacets contents and styles. It seems to create a contradictory vision experience to a figure and scene painting. The figure is dressed up with a gown but wearing a bird nest, walking in an unnatural nature of scene. The image itself turns to be a symbol carrying on certain information. The audiences can restructure these symbols according to their own interpretation toward this artwork, which turns it into a multi-meaning artwork.

This work employs a transparent painting silk and the frame style has enlarged the advantages of this material. The dress or the wild space in this painting retains the nature of the painting silk, aiming to further emphasize the material's elements. The transparent silk will create a different vision by the lights or walls in different exhibition areas, creating an unexpected extensity comparing to the hand-drawing style. The figure is hand painted to stress the nature of humans. However, the natural scenes are printed arts. The tools, material and art style all create a contradictory style to the great nature.

The confusion of the painting styles and contents establish an alternative vision experience. But all of them have been integrated into an oriental tone. The fuse of materials and painting styles as well as the chaos between the figure and scenes in this artwork expect to guide the audience to think outside of the box. As for the painting styles, the figure presents a painting style; the natural scene is making; the silk is read-made. These three different styles offer the audience with three different vision experiences and unique extensity.