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Art Taipei 2013

Artists :   Shiy De-Jinn |
Cola King | Chih-Wei Hsu | Shen Ye | Candy Bird

Venue :   Taipei World Trade Center, Exhibition Hall one, Booth: C16

TIME :   11/8(Fri.) to 11/10(Sun.)11:00 - 19:00
11/11( Mon.)11:00 - 18:00

Vip Preview :   11/7( Thu. ) 18:30 - 21:00

The LIPEN Art Galerie is planning to show its management philosophy, diverse collections of artwork, and international perspective by representing Taiwanese old masters' art pieces, together with the works of young artists from Taiwan and from mainland China in 2013's Art Taipei. Additionally, the LIPEN Art Galerie is having another branch – also named the LIPEN Art Galerie – founded in Anhe Road, Taipei in June, 2013. The new branch primarily commissions contemporary artists; that is, the LIPEN Galerie also does overseas artists. The LIPEN looks forward to have an overall presentation of the artwork of two galleries via a joint exhibition. As a result, the artists the LIPEN finalizes to present in this joint exhibition this year are Shiy De-Jinn, Cola King, Hsu Chih-Wei, Candy Bird, and Chinese artist –Shen Ye.

First, as one of the galleries from Taiwan in this Art Fair, the LIPEN Galerie settles on one superior Taiwanese artist's work, which is completed by Shiy De-Jinn during the last year of his artist's life. Other than that, Chinese artist – Shen Ye is one of celebrated watercolor artists in Beijing today. Her art successfully obtains the public's well awareness via several excellent solo and joint exhibitions in Chengdu MOCA, Today Art Museum, and the Macao Art Fair in 2011, 2012, and 2013 respectively. Shen's art has been greatly influenced by European art schools and the aesthetics of film art, so that her works involve the utilization of a montage expressive approach and manifold visual expression. Consequently, due to Shen's potentialities in her artistic creation, as well as the art market in China, the first presentation of Shen's art in Taipei cannot be over emphasized again.

In view of Taiwanese artists, Cola King has been the most popular artist in recently years and his work has been the top sale in the LIPEN Art Galerie. The feature of amalgamation between Cola King's art and the application of his works in media would be the focal point in this international fair. Following that, Candy Bird – the winner of the "Wanderers' Plan" by the Cloud Gate (a distinguished performance art group in Taiwan) this year – is going to have his artwork compressed in a small object and displaying like an installation work. Mostly created his works on wall, Candy Bird's art would be the spokesperson of our gallery and also of contemporary Taiwanese artists in this exhibition, in terms of the well-rounded employment of multi- and mixed media in the field of the arts.

At last, the LIPEN Galerie is featuring contemporary artist of Taiwan – Hsu Chih-Wei, in this international Art Fair. Hsu's art conveys the cultural shock and historical context between Taiwan and Japan; accordingly, his works typically reveal the elements of Japanese sub-culture through the technique of academic training. Importantly, Hsu's works of art are largely collected privately and by the non-profit organizations of Taiwan at the same time, such as Taipei Fine Arts Museum and Ministry of Culture. Thus, the LIPEN Galerie not only expects to have a reciprocal exchange with other overseas galleries, but also foresees more weight of these five artists in the field of arts and the international art markets by means of this Art Fair of ART TAIPEI in November, 2013.