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2012 Art Tainan


Kusama Yayoi | Cola King | Wu Tian-Zhang  | Wu Yen Cheng | Hus chih-wei

LOCATION :   Tayih Landis Hotel Tainan 9 floor room 923

TIME :   1/6 to 1/7 12:00 - 19:00
1/8 12:00-18:00

2012 Art Tainan

Cola King was born in 1971 in Keelung,Taiwan,famous in contemoprary art and his creations including publishing' design' literature' phitographer and music. Upon having published and designed many books, he has also taken part in to a number of events such as the "Taipei Cow parade" and the "SuperGeneration@ Taiwan" exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Taipei.

With multi titles, he is also a poet,photographer,illustrator,the promoter of the "Poetry periodical" and with Sandee Chan,he is also a member of the musical group named "Material girl",this album was awarded "Golden Melody Awards" in 2005. Mix-and-match "Kuso" amusement is an important element for POP art in Taiwan.

Fun is prerequisite for creation, and there is more freedom and joy given to artists. The dramatic background and comical element become the island's distinctive style of Taiwan POP art.