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To ravel alone in the Unknown.

— A journey to forget oneself.

Traveling is an experience of wandering around the world and being variable; it's also about time. For me, traveling leads us to the unknown. It's something much more than what we have seen and heard during that trip. But how could one decide to start a trip with any uncertainty. Even it's an unknown journey; it's a journey matters to us. Unknown could simply imply the unknown part about us and a journey could be a process of finding ourselves. Whether being a traveller, depends on if you are keen to the part of the journey.

I arranged a traveller in this artwork, as a reflection of myself, heading to an unknown continent. The motionless young lady with a flat facial expression is the body of this painting. She wears a bird nest as a headgear and a white gown, which appears to be a perfect image. But with a second thought, the bird-nest headgear is less comfortable, the gown is left in blank and transparent. The background is in wilderness and the metal color tone expects to create a world where seems no any living creatures and the time is meaningless. The gown could be a dress, sky, ocean, or air; there's no concrete definition. The gown interprets a necessary existence for both the character and background.

The woman wears nothing but the bird nest and the transparent gown, traveling in the world bare hands and feet. Neither the world should be named, nor the destination should be known. This is a journey in which people must head for the unknown and travel alone. The bird nest and gown perhaps are the only company she has.

The bird nest is a symbol of home, or a container. Even a lonely traveller, the nest (home) is always with her. And what kinds of unknown would she place in the nest? "Gown" is kind of symbolization and protection. The gown comes along with the traveller solely being a proof that she is from the human world. Or, would she ignore that? Would the traveller be the intruder to the world or originally is she the part of the world?

When should we spend some time to observe our inside world? How should we communicate with our spirit? How can we be aware that we aren't alone in this deemed-to-be lonely journey? Is the unknown journey heading ahead or toward home? "The heaven and the earth have the highest virtue, but they do not speak a single word. The four seasons occur in regular cycles, but they do not raise a single argument. All things in the world grow in a fixed pattern, but they do not give a single explanation." (Zhuangzi/ Outer Chapters/ Knowledge Travels North)

Modesty shall be our attitude toward the unknown journey; the journey itself is the life. Where will we be led by the life? The journey won't give a concrete answer. Perhaps the essence of traveling lies on "human".

2008-   National Taiwan Normal University Department of Fine Arts, PHD study

2005-2007   Graduate School of Fine Arts, Taipei National University of the Arts

1998-2002   Department of Art Education, National Taichung Teacher's College


2014.1   [The Age of Beauty], LIPEN Art Galerie, Taipei, Taiwan

2013.5   [YOUNG ART TAIPEI 2013], Sheraton Taipei Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan

2013.3   2013 Art Tainan

2013.1   "I Love Printmaking" Contemporary Printmaking Exhibition.Gallery of Cultural Affairs Department, New Taipei City Goverment.New Taipei City

2013.1   The 21th National Printmaking Exhibition.Print Studio Exchange Exhibition.Gallery of Lungshan Temple.New Taipei City

2012.11   "Never-Ending Movement Art".Woo-Yeon Gallery.Daejeon.Republic of Korea

2011   The 19th International Contemporary Multiple Art Fair.Estampa Arte Múltiple.Feria De Madrid (IFEMA) Madrid

2011   The Whisper of Love- joint art exhibition.ASTRIUM.Shin Kong Mitsuoshi.Taipei

2011.1~3   The 26th New Year Prints Exhibition of R.O.C.

2009.8   Charity Bazaar by Taiwan Artists for the Victims of Typhoon Morakot Exhibition.National Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall.Taipei

2009.5   2009 NTNU-SKKU Exchange Show.Seoul.Korea

2009.4   Duel Regard- The views from Taiwanese Women's Arts.National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts.Taichung

2009.3   Y.E.S., Taiwan--Young Emerging Stars, Taiwan.AKI Gallery.Taipei

2009.2   "The creations of the PhD Candidates" Department of Fine Arts, NTNU

2007.3   〔mian mao〕Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.Ogilvy Gallery.Beijing

2007.3   Ink Painting Group Exhibition by Wang Yi- Ran, Hsu Wei- Ying, Luo Shi- Ching.AKI Gallery.Taipei

2006.12   〔sŹ〕Ink Painting Group Exhibition.TNUA.Taipei

2006.10   2006 The Fifth Artist Fair.Taipei

2006.5   "NTCU Modern Chinese Ink Painting Exhibition" National Tai Chung University

2005.12   2005 The Fourth Artist Fair.Taipei


2013.12   Solo Exhibition by Hsu Wei- Ying.LIPEN Art Galerie.Taipei

2007.6   Solo Exhibition by Hsu Wei- Ying.ZS Gallery.Hsinchu

2007.5   Solo Exhibition by Hsu Wei- Ying.TNUA.Taipei

2006.7   "Parts of Self", The Gallery of Taichung City Cultural Affairs Bureau


2012   Taiwan Foundation for Multi-Cultures, discourse competition, the Selected Award.

2011.1~3   The 26th New Year Prints Exhibition of R.O.C., the Selected Award.

2008   2008 Kaohsiung Fine Arts Exhibition


2007   2007 Kaohsiung Fine Arts Exhibition

2006   2006 Taipei Biennial Exhibition of Contemporary Ink Painting

2006   2006 Kaohsiung Fine Arts Exhibition

2003   2003 Kaohsiung Fine Arts Exhibition


2008   National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Work:《Alizarin Gown》,2008,113×185㎝

2007   2007 Graduate student scholarship of TNUA

2007   A 2007 grant of Fine Arts from the National Culture and Arts Foundation

2006   National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Work:《Dress》,2006,65×134㎝

2012   "Post Printmaking" Studio, Korea Printmaking International Residency Program(Daejeon.Republic of Korea)

2012   "青春正無敵PK GO! " Seminar, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

2008   TNUA Overseas Study Project of Printing Art(Singapore & UK)

2006   The Team of Curator. Taipei, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts,《Engravings collection of National Taiwan Arts Education Center》

2012   "Heterogeneous Writing of Brush and Ink Materials─ the works of Wang Tian de and Yang Shih-Chih" Taiwan Foundation for Multi-Cultures, discourse competition

2007   Master's Dissertation "Exterior and Interior-pleasing self in other's eyes" M.F.A. degree of TNUA.