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David Wonger

Born in HongKong. David is a photographer who always keeps himself undercover and promising.

He's no ordinary life eversince childhood at 13. His art teacher fooled him and called this a madness or a genius but appointed him to be the chairman of the photographic club. He began to take photo assignments and worked inside the darkroom. At 18, David took another daring step, with own savings to buy a air flight then flew to London alone, tried to make his dream. He studied Photography and Arts, and worked as intership on studios. David's eyes n soul are meant of his class, uniqueness, compassion, sensuality and depth insight to be found...

The first two photography books he bought (Helmut Newton and Deborah Turbeville) in London influenced his immaculate creations on beauty forms.

In more than 20 years, he worked through the world, but has been particulary famous on his work to Hong Kong's celebrities, portraiture and weddings. Passing through generations David returns to his first blood-fashion and art, decided to take his head studio in London for better work. He's creative, passionate, young n the restless heart. He reached and lives forever 40.


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2013.6   LIPEN Anhe PART II Opening Group Exhibition, Taipei, Taiwan

2013.5   [YOUNG ART TAIPEI 2013], Sheraton Taipei Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan