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Shen Ye

I am confused by how language came from, suspicious about the authenticity of sentiment and especially afraid of the holl-owness of a "fake" pedant.— Shen Ye

Shen Ye, the daughter of an ancient city—Rui'an, Zhejiang, graduated from the "Pilot Class of Figurative Painting" held by the Oil Painting Department of China Academy of Art around 2000. The artist recalled that she had "finished all those courses for undergraduate students very quietly, but accumulated her own energy and strength silently." She considers artistic creation as persistent pursuit after reality, and to consider the intentional analysis of phenomenology as the base of intensifying painting practice with artistic subjectivity to reveal the objective truth. Shen Ye has emphasized the "authenticity" behind the so-called "authenticity in front of your eyes" and her personal feeling towards the "authenticity"—"Living and observing, finally something will flow out of your heart…"

"Shen Ye chose human as her subject. She clearly emphasized that "human and space had created a dynamic and concentrically contracting state," which was totally inspired by Alberto Giacometti's comprehension of distance and vanity, as well as his method of "concentrating space" with figurative frontality. Shen Ye, who always respects personal experience, never wants to look at the world with a pair of "colored spectacles." As her teacher, Situ Li said, "Writing something just standing in front of you is seemingly easy, but actually the most difficult, even impossible." Other than that, Shen Ye, in such kind of creation, further intensified her suspect against the expression of "authenticity." She even gave up the media of oil painting but turned to water and ink. Indeed, she is always interested in small paintings. Then based on continuous practices of small paintings, she shifted her attention.

In Shen Ye's art practice, her "Body" series finished are consisted of her characteristic works in the "paper-based" stage, most of which were painting some typical parts of female body on 38×28cm paper. Although Shen Ye never believed she herself was a follower of "femalism," "females" in her paintings had already become the icon in striking positions. As a female artist, Shen Ye revealed female body's privacy to fulfill the sensitivity of the serial paintings. Her works of art did "record the authenticity," while highlighted the nature of "sketch," and reinforced the uncertainty, difference and unfinished sense through clear and ambiguous, confirmed and blurred, stable and flowing, occasional and inevitable. In addition. Shen Ye emphasized "the multiple meanings of words and images" in painting, and tried to channel the living world, the knowledge system and personal feeling through, by "putting unrelated images on a same scene." Therefore, Shen Ye's artistic creation has been distinctive and she successively worked out the "understated style. Shen Ye only regarded the creation as painting her own experienced world, slowly or quickly, confirming and voicing her own feeling and sentiment.

Reference : Zhao, L. (Eds.) (2012). To the Obscure Object of Desire – The Solo Exhibition of Shen Ye. China: Today Art Museum and Gallery Yang, 6 -11.

1974   Born in Ruian, Zhejiang Province, China

2006-   Work and live in Beijing, China

2006   Graduated from the Department of Oil Painting, China Academy of Fine Arts, M.D., China

1999   Graduated from the Department of Oil Painting, China Academy of Fine Arts, B.A., China

1993   Graduated from the Affiliated Art High School, Central Academy of Fine Arts, China

Solo Exhibitions

2012   [The Obscure Object of Desire — Shen Ye's Solo Exhibition], Today Art Museum, BeiJing,China

2011   [A Gift For You-Shen Ye's Solo Exhibition], Gallery Yang, BeiJing, China

Joint/Group Exhibitions

2014.1   [The Age of Beauty], LIPEN Art Galerie, Taipei, Taiwan

2013   [2013 Art Taipei], Taipei, Taiwan

2013   Beijing Art Expo, BeiJing, China

2013   LIPEN Anhe PART II Opening Group Exhibition, Taipei, Taiwan

2013   [YOUNG ART TAIPEI 2013], Sheraton Taipei Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan

2012   [No Difference] - Contemporary Art Exhibition, Li-Space, BeiJing, China

2011   Chengdu Biennale Special Invitation Exhibition Ephemerus vis-à-vis Stabilitas, Chengdu, China

2010   [Exquisite tower], Songzhuang + Yunnan young artists exhibition, Kunming, China

2008   [City Ramble], Shanghai Hong Miao Gallery, Shanghai, China

2007   [Academy Exhibition Series:China Academy of Fine Arts Sector], Beijing, China

2006   [Shape,Color] — Nomination Exhibition of Zhejiang Young Paintings, Hangzhou, China

2006   [218,Hangzhou Direction] — Contemporary Painting, Hangzhou, China

2005   [Energetic Qiantang River] — Hangzhou Oil Painting Grand Exhibitions, Hangzhou, China

2004   the Reporting Exhibitions of Study Trip to Europe, Hangzhou, China

2003   the Representational Painting Exhibitions, Shanghai, China

1999   the 9th Nation Fine Art Exhibitions, Zhejiang, China

1998   70-vear Celebration of China Academy of Fine Arts, Hangzhou, China

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