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Brent Nadin

「 Risk something that matters 」 A collection of stencils by ScallArt

This new collection of works by ScallArt looks at mass media and consumerism. The style of these artworks owes a lot to the process of collage and montage. The images are stylized and isolated to be used in a final composition. This body of work focuses on the relentless force feeding of mass media to condition the masses to conform to society's rules. Conformity often means to be a good consumer. Not to deviate from this path set for us is a form of slavery.

Society's endless preoccupation with possessions forces people to judge others on a level of purely material worth, but humans are worth more than what they simply possess.

It's not what you've got that matters…. it's what you can do.

Ownership is an invention.

It's a social construct that cannot be found in nature.

Mass media and technology offers endless promises and distractions to the populace like a lazy parent giving toys to spoiled child. The way to make people forget the big picture is to make them look at the details. Desires are fulfilled but needs are ignored. The way to stop a mind asking questions is to relentlessly fill it with banal and trivial concerns. This method of manipulation combined with the force feeding of fear keeps people in a constant state of worry and produces a more easily controlled populace. This collection of art explores some of these devices and methods employed by the state and the media to control people. Devices like sanctions, such as censorship, expulsion, surveillance and limits on political freedom are supposedly there to promote peace of mind but actually undermine civil liberties and will remain in place long after the need for them passes.

This body of work attempts to scratch the glossy surface of modern consumerism and explore the dark under belly of the media and it's ulterior motives.

1999-2002   John Moores University, Liverpool B.A. Hons Fine Art,UK.

1997-1999   Wirral Metropolitian College, Withens Lane, Wallasey, Wirral A Level Art ,UK.

March 2011   "Urban Killer" solo exhibition at LipenArt Gallery (麗品藝術) Taipei

Feb 2009   "Revevolution" Scallart exhibition at Liquid Lounge

Oct 2008   "The Exploding Stencil" ScallArt exhibition at Salt Peanut Factory

Mar 2008   "Sound one" ScallArt exhibition at Bliss, Taipei

Nov 2007   Annual group show, paintings and sculpture, Stock 20 Taichung.

Sep 2007   Paintings on permanent display. Chayi Railway Art Village

Sep 2007   "Heroes"; Paintings on permanent display, Groovecity

Aug-Dec 2007   "Icons" ScallArt joint exhibition, Grooveyard, Taichung. Paintings

Jul-Aug 2007   "Decode" group exhibition at TADA, paintings.

Dec-Jan 2007   "Unspoken Understanding" joint exhibition, TADA, Taichung.

Oct-Aug 2006   "Soul Power" ScallArt joint exhibition, Grooveyard. Taichung Paintings

Sept-Oct 2006   founded art group "ScallArt"

Mar-Apr 2006   Joint exhibition at Stock 20 Galleries "Showcase"

Nov-Dec 2005   Joint exhibition at Taitung Railway Art festival.

July 2005   Joint exhibition at Stock 20 Galleries, Taichung Taiwan.

May 2005   Began a 2 year residency at Stock 20 Galleries, Taichung Taiwan.

April 2003   Group Exhibition at Chubby's, Taichung Taiwan.

Feb 2003   Group Exhibition at FM, Taichung Taiwan.

Dec 2002   Group exhibition at Blackthorn Gallery, Birkenhead England.

Aug 2002   Group exhibition at Egg Gallery, Liverpool England.

1997-2002   Street Art, festival and competition, Manchester, New Brighton England.

Oct 2001   Solo exhibition at Egg Gallery, Liverpool England

June 1998   Street Art, 2nd Art festival and competition, Liverpool, Southport, New Brighton England.

Dec 1997   "Art in the Square" Annual Exhibition, Liverpool England.

June 1997   Street Art, festival and competition, Liverpool, Southport, New Brighton England

1997-1999   "Art in the Square" (Gallery), Liverpool England.